In a world filled with distractions, it can be challenging to pursue a path of inner growth that goes deep and feels true.

Are you at a crossroads and ready for change?

Are you seeking to reconnect with a loving, joyful way of being?

In short, are you ready do the heart and soul work for a fully authentic life?


The School of Sacred Arts (SOSA) is a vibrant collective movement dedicated to personal growth and the global flowering of consciousness. Going far beyond asana practice or ‘yoga as exercise’, we will guide you to attune to your inner voice, your higher self, and your soul’s deepest desire.

When you start to live in this way, you will bring light into all aspects of your existence. Only then can you awaken to who and what you truly are. You can open to the vastness of the universe that dwells within, and embrace the beauty and power of nature.

Our approach is to blend various wisdom traditions, both indigenous and modern, from around the world. From yoga and shamanism to plant medicine and modern mindfulness methods, we call on sacred principles to support you on your journey of self discovery.

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The School of Sacred Arts has been a force for transformation, committed to the emergence of a new way of BEing in the world, providing foundational and advanced practices to thousands of people in dozens of countries for over 15 years.
As “the only constant is change”, SOSA too is evolving, having led its co-founders Simone and Troy to their individual paths of service, with both bringing the essence of their knowledge, experience and wisdom into their new endeavors, always sharing ways for humans to live in greater harmony with other beings and within themselves.
To find out more about their latest offerings in the form of coaching, courses and collaborations, please visit:
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